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Reginald the Vampire Mixes Horror and Comedy right into a Blood Slushy


Reginald’s sire, or maker, Maurice is performed by Mandela Van Peebles, and the household presence is represented in outdated film posters, like Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, and his backstory. Savannah Basley performs Angela Hibbert, the previously revolutionary vampire who sired Maurice. She doesn’t imagine his newly recruited comrade meets the usual of perfection which serves as the premise of Reginald the Vampire’s battle, motion, and social commentary.

The vampires current themselves as an unique membership. Members are cut-throat and runway prepared. Reginald, a vampire for the fast-food crowd, can’t get previous the velvet ropes. He’s caught in an eternity as ugly as his human life, and the identical superficial bias. “It’s very related, being advised you don’t have any worth as a result of you weren’t lovely by societal requirements,” Batalon told Den of Geek during early media interviews.

Sure, vampires can eat common meals within the universe of Reginald the Vampire, they simply should complement it with the deep reds. The collection invents its personal mythology.  One of many advantages which comes with being become a vampire is any specific present an individual had in life is multiplied in undeath. Maurice might run fairly quick as a younger man, however as a 70-year-old vampire he’s blocks away earlier than folks understand he was considering of leaving. Reginald was a really clever individual in life, in dying he’s virtually a genius, particularly in comparison with the opposite vampires.

The human romance on the heart of the collection is extra standard. Sarah Kinney (Em Haine) is the explanation Reginald is a reluctant vampire. Liquid diets at all times come at a price, and all vampires should be tortured by one thing greater than their subsequent meal. Sarah’s twist is she escaped the non secular cult she was raised in, and her household isn’t able to let her go. Thailey Roberge performs Claire, a 12-year-old Slushy Shack common, who turns into a confidante, and can hopefully find yourself as some sort of bargaining chip within the rising melee of the story arc. Claire would do nicely in a hostage scenario, it seems she is made for it.

Created by suspense thriller serial icon Harley Peyton, Reginald the Vampire merges comedy, romance, and horror in a particular method. A lot of the digital camera framing is harking back to Twin Peaks, and the characters are tinged with eccentricities. A Slushy Shack human useful resource supervisor performed by Marguerite Hanna has an obsession with conspiracies like MK Extremely testing, however when she hears an identical story from a co-worker, she asks for a urine pattern. Nikki (Christin Park), a mesmerizingly chilly blooded, centuries-old vampire murderer, skips on her technique to assignments, and is moved to bloody tears by karaoke. Park brings a particular infusion into the combination, with a number of layers of magnetic ambiguity.

Quirky, reasonably than twisted, Reginald the Vampire is relatable and underplayed. The motion sequences are low-key however efficient affairs, the performances are nuanced, and the humor comes from the characters, reasonably than a collection of jokes. The personalities, good and evil, deliver you again as a lot because the story, which is intriguing sufficient to maintain curiosity, however not as a lot enjoyable because the creating interaction. The suspense and comedy are distributed evenly among the many troupe, and loads of blood to go round. Oh, and there’s a projectile vomiting scene romantic sufficient to kill any temper.

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