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Changing the Game of Smartphone Entertainment with the Infinix Hot series

Infinix has put in commendable efforts so far to strike a balance between aesthetics and performance with its smartphone design to create beautifully crafted products and more seamless user experiences in line with current trends. Considering that its major target audience is the youth, entertainment is a major focus for the brand in all of its activities all year round.

As innovations improve on the formerly existing ones, the possibilities of a smartphone experience promise users a more excellent way. Among the portfolio of Infinix devices, one can easily label the Hot Series your ‘go-to smartphone’ for gaming, entertainment and non-stop fun.

Placing emphasis on smartphone performance, for heavy-duty gamers especially, these phones usually come with power-packed processors and batteries that promise longer gaming or entertainment time.

The average young consumer is energetic, stylish, fun-loving, ambitious, aspirational and full of vigour. The Hot Series delivers high specifications to amplify entertainment experiences for young consumers and at the same time still doesn’t fall short of innovative technologies. Not to forget the trendy body designs perfect for styling outfits to match the colour pop of the device.

The newest in the series is the Hot12 device boasting of functionality, entertainment and style. It bodies an excellent gaming processor—HelioG85—and a 6.82″ rapid refresh rate display of 90Hz. The 5000mAh battery extends the entertainment experience packed in a durable flat-edge design fit; all of which sum up for a better experience.

Each new Hot Series rollout is an upgraded version of the last one, all in a bid to enable users to work and have fun faster. With the Hot12 series, every user stands out and enjoys more seamless user experiences in line with current trends.

Infinix will be hosting a giveaway session on Instagram with the Hot Series ambassador, Liquorose. Fans will be rewarded with an Infinix smartphone device and other gift items. Keep up with more details about how to win and more fun stuff from Infinix Nigeria on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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