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10 Instances The Percy Jackson Motion pictures Contradicted the Books’ Lore

The Percy Jackson & The Olympians collection follows younger Percy Jackson, who discovers that the Greek myths exist and that he’s a demigod. He hones his expertise at Camp Half-Blood and goes on a number of adventures together with his buddies, Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase, and others.

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The concepts contained inside these books would make for partaking diversifications. The primary two books, The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters, obtained feature-length diversifications earlier than the creators discontinued the collection. Sadly, neither film did the supply materials justice, and though one can simply spot the main points they omitted, there are simply as many issues from the books that the movies bought fallacious.

10 The Portrayal Of The Underworld Is Fully Off

Percy (Logan Lerman) heads to the underworld within the movie adaptation of The Lightning Thief to rescue his mom. Within the e book, he went there resulting from believing Hades stole Zeus’ lightning bolt to trigger a conflict among the many gods. This modification was okay however went off the rails when Percy and his buddies arrived.

The look of Hades’ area was paying homage to hell, which isn’t fully true. Whereas doomed souls bought despatched to the underworld, noble and virtuous ones wound up there and obtained sentences to Elysium, Asphodel, or The Fields of Punishment, relying on their deeds whereas alive.

9 The Idea Of The Mist Contradicts Itself

The books had a magical power referred to as the Mist, which manipulated mortals’ sight of legendary occurrences into on a regular basis issues. Sadly, this idea neither appeared nor was talked about within the movie model of The Lightning Thief however appeared within the film model of The Sea of Monsters.

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Nonetheless, the Mist’s energy within the second movie seems as a sprig bottle that ultimately wears off. This alteration goes not solely towards the books but in addition itself as Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) later meets a man who appears like a human barista to most individuals, however Grover can see him as a legendary creature, which begs the query of why the film went with the spray bottle.

8 Zeus And Poseidon Went Years With out Seeing Every Different

At the beginning of The Lightning Thief, the ocean god Poseidon (Kevin McKidd) heads to the Empire State Constructing, the place the doorway of Mount Olympus lies, to see his brother and the king of the gods, Zeus (Sean Bean). When the 2 meet, Poseidon claims it to have been a few years since they final noticed one another.

Poseidon’s assertion is implausible since, as per the books, they meet yearly in the course of the winter solstice together with the opposite gods to debate vital issues. Because the film takes place in June, going by these guidelines, it might have solely been a couple of months.

7 Percy’s Lineage Holds No Weight

When Percy first arrives at Camp Half-Blood within the movie, many of the camp already is aware of him because the son of Poseidon. Whereas Chiron the centaur (Pierce Brosnan) claims {that a} little one of Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades is exceptionally uncommon, the matter receives no additional dialogue and takes away Percy’s significance.

The books had it take a couple of weeks earlier than anybody, together with Percy, discovered the reality. When it bought revealed, the camp feared Percy, and he turned an outcast resulting from his father being the second of the massive three to interrupt the oath to not have any extra half-blood youngsters after World Conflict II because of the risks they posed.

6 Persephone Resides In The Underworld Throughout The Summer season

Upon the heroes’ arrival at Hades’ (Steve Coogan) palace, his spouse, Persephone (Rosario Dawson), greets them. Nonetheless, she later betrays her husband resulting from his merciless nature and her concern {that a} conflict among the many gods because of the lightning bolt’s theft will finish her time away from him.

This revision is senseless because the movie takes place in the summertime. In accordance with Greek Mythology, Persephone solely has to stick with Hades yearly in the course of the winter and is free to return dwelling in the course of the spring and summer season, which coincides with the altering seasons. As such, she was not current when the heroes arrived within the e book.

5 Demigods Are Allowed To Use Expertise

The books constantly make clear that demigods can’t use expertise except within the case of an emergency. It is because doing so would appeal to monsters to their location.

The films bluntly ignore this rule. Throughout a discipline journey in The Lightning Thief, the viewers sees Percy listening to music on an iPod. He later makes use of its reflection to struggle towards the gorgon, Medusa (Uma Thurman), with out instantly taking a look at her. Whereas this transformation is not one of many movie’s bigger deal-breakers, it does pose the query of why the characters do not use expertise extra typically.

4 Percy Disobeys Chiron

In The Lightning Thief movie, Percy needs to rescue his mom from the underworld and show he’s harmless of stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt. Chiron forbids him, saying he should practice earlier than happening such a quest, however Percy decides to sneak out of camp, and Grover and Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), resolve to go together with him.

This plot level strays from the e book as in there, Percy obtained Chiron’s permission earlier than happening the search. As per quest guidelines, he was allowed to carry two companions, Annabeth and Grover. Percy’s choice to go away on his personal serves no impression on the plot and solely makes him look incompetent as he has no concept how you can attain the underworld.

3 Percy Makes use of The Flying Footwear

Earlier than going to the underworld within the first movie, the heroes go to the son of Hermes’, Luke Castellan’s (Jake Abel) cabin to get some assist. He palms them some gadgets from his father, together with a pair of flying footwear, which Percy later makes use of to get a pearl on a statue of Athena, the goddess of knowledge.

Percy didn’t use the flying footwear within the books because the sky was Zeus’ territory, and Zeus thought of Percy his prime suspect for the lightning bolt’s theft. Thus, he gave them to Grover, who used them a number of instances. Luke reveals within the e book’s finish that the footwear have been supposed to pull Percy into Tartarus, however no such implication exists within the film.

2 Luke’s Villainy Is Considerably One-Observe

The primary e book and the movie reveal Luke because the lightning thief ultimately. Within the film, Luke claims he merely did so to acquire energy over the gods.

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His film motivation contrasts with the e book, the place he reveals he didn’t act alone in stealing the bolt and that he serves the titan lord, Kronos. The Sea of Monsters brings Kronos however nonetheless considerably goes towards Luke’s e book motivation of his emotions of being deserted by his father and the way he and Kronos have been capable of twist different demigods to their trigger. Most of his backstory with Annabeth, Grover, and Zeus’ daughter, Thalia Grace, additionally bought omitted, eradicating a lot of his complexity.

1 The Trio Is not Even Shut To Their Counterpart’s Ages Or Personalities

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are all portrayed as excessive schoolers within the motion pictures. The Nice Prophecy in The Sea of Monsters film claims that Percy (or every other little one of the massive three) would attain the age of 20, defying the percentages set towards them.

The books began the trio as 12-year-olds, although Grover was older and initially described as being held again rather a lot. Percy would later attain the age of 16 in e book 5, towards his probabilities, and within the course of, would develop alongside his buddies. The films neither result in progress in both quest nor are they near their e book portrayals.

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