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Infants separated from parents as China reports new coronavirus cases; Is Xi’s ‘Zero-Covid’ policy a failure?

China, which has long touted its zero-covid policy seems to have failed miserably in its fight against the coronavirus. The country which was the first to declare itself “covid free” in early 2021 has been reporting new cases of the virus.

As per an ANI report, cases are being reported from tourist hubs of Hainan and Tibet. Reportedly, new areas are reporting outbreaks even as the old areas remain hotspots.

Xi Jinping’s ‘Zero-covid’ policy involves abrupt enforcement of lockdowns, this has left tens of thousands of tourists stranded. 

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Tibet, which has reported only one asymptomatic case since the COVID-19 pandemic began in China, has recently discovered 28 new Covid patients, causing widespread alarm. Chinese agencies are now constructing makeshift hospitals with nearly 3,000 beds.

People in areas which are recently reporting Covid are concerned about long-term lockdowns like the one in Shanghai, which could affect their careers, basic freedoms, and mental health.

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Taking to social media Chinese citizens vented their frustrations on social media, sparking a public outcry against Xi’s Zero-Covid policy. Some reported that children, even infants were forcibly separated from their parents.

“I definitely don’t want my children to carry the uncertainty of living in a country where the government can just come to your door and do whatever they want,” said one user, Jiang.

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The government has already shut down pubs, restaurants, and shopping malls and has also begun halting train and aviation services in newly infected areas.

The Zero-Covid policy may force the closure of supermarket stores. In Hainan and Tibet, where tourists can be seen stranded at airports, this has produced chaos.

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